SmartCross is an internet connected device allowing messaging to be sent from a remote location to each device. Notifications such as events, advertising and public notices can be displayed immediately to pedestrians.


SmartCross promotes road safety by entertaining pedestrians while they wait to cross. The game is linked to the red pedestrian signal which means the game finishes when the signal turns green.


SmartCross is a touch-enabled device allowing pedestrians to play games, send messages and provide information through a variety of different mediums.

SmartCross is an innovative New Zealand product combining modern traffic signals technology with a state of the art games platform. The technology allows members of the public to play games with others, while offering a unique method of advertising for businesses and a platform for traffic based notifications.

Dutch Demonstrations

One day after launch, SmartCross was showcased onsite to the Dutch Trade Delegation. With such strong public interest in the device, the delegates had to wait in the queue for their turn.


Christchurch’s newest attraction Smartcross was installed today on the corner of Lichfield and Colombo. The pair of devices were an immediate hit with pedestrians queuing up to play the game.

Smartcross showcases the abilities of Christchurch tech company Webtools, and will be rolled out to three more locations in the coming months

Code Red!

It might look like gobbledegook to most of us, but for SmartCross coder Chris Henderson the code is a work of art. SmartCross works off a Linux-based Raspberry Pi device whereas the game itself is written in Python. In some cases there may not be an opponent so Chris has built in a complex Artificial Intelligence module which acts as the opponent. The only problem is, the artificial intelligent player was too smart and in fact unbeatable, so Chris added some random variables in to dumb it down.

Wired Up

Alex makes some final adjustments to the components before deployment this weekend

The Challenge!

Webtools recently visited the team at Rebuild Central where SmartCross developer Chris Henderson battled council staff for the title of SmartCross Champion. The portable prototype lets us test new functionality and demonstrate SmartCross to a range of interested people around Christchurch. The SmartCross devices will be installed initially at the Colombo-Cashel Street corner…stay tuned!

World Famous in Christchurch

The first look at the SmartCross device! Webtools director and SmartCross inventor Brett O’Donnell demonstrates the first device to the CTV Team.


SmartCross inventor and Webtools director Brett O’Donnell demonstrates SmartCross at the Coffee and Jam session at EPIC Christchurch.